Time For an Update!

It's been quite some time since I've updated this blog but it's certainly not due to a lack of news surrounding Beauty Day. In fact, there's been plenty of news as of late and I figured it might be time to share a few updates with whoever might be interested in reading!

First off, Jackass 3D came out this weekend and I loved it! It just made me more excited to finally have a chance to watch Beauty Day with an audience and introduce the uninitiated to Ralph, aka Cap'n Video, aka the ORIGINAL Jackass. Luckily we're lucky enough to have been picked up for distribution by the amazing Canadian company filmswelike, co-founded by award-winning documentary filmmaker Ron Mann and Toronto film and music promoter Gary Topp. I'm very excited to find ourselves in a roster with other great films like Anvil! The Story of Anvil, Abel Raises Cain, Dig!, Incident and Loch Ness and Cannibal Girls!! While we don't have a release date as of yet, I can definitely say that Beauty Day will hit theatres and DVD (in Canada) sometime in 2011. Hopefully we'll have some more details in the near future (including a trailer).

I've also realized that I never really posted anything about my partnership with Primitive Entertainment. We've been lucky enough to have a bunch of great support from the talented and wonderful folks at Primitive, a Toronto based documentary production company specializing in feature documentaries and television series. In fact, in 2009 I was lucky enough to catch their awesome doc on the great lakes, Waterlife, and had originally contacted director Kevin McMahon (a partner in Primitive along with Michael McMahon and Kristina McLaughlin) to send him my review of his film (and ask him to check out an early promo video of Beauty Day). From then on we've had a great time finishing the film and I hope to continue to work with them on future projects.

Stay tuned for future updates!!

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