Inspired By: Bruce McDonald

Here's another great Canadian filmmaker that has managed to bring some great genre pictures to the table over the years. His most recent film, Pontypool, is a low key/high suspense take on the zombie film set entirely within the confines of a small-town Ontario radio station. One of many truly great Canadian horror films.

Bruce McDonald's Hard Core Logo received a fair amount of attention after Quentin Tarantino took it under his wing and released it through his now defunct 'Rolling Thunder Pictures' distribution company. I think I remember hearing that the film's lead, Hugh Dillon, actually auditioned for Tarantino for a part in Jackie Brown. I think. I could have my facts mixed up there. Either way, Hard Core Logo is an awesome road film/rockumentary that wears it's Canadiana on its sleeve, tracking the ups and downs of fictional punk band Hard Core Logo on their last Canadian tour. It's frenetically paced and features a cut and paste visual collage of imagery that compliments the soundtrack and do-it-yourself themes perfectly. What does it have to do with Beauty Day? Well, not much directly. However, we are looking at including a Canadian road trip aspect to the film and I think what McDonald accomplished with Hard Core Logo is a great place to look at for some inspiration. If you're looking for some great Canadian filmmaking, be sure to go through Bruce McDonald's filmography as soon as you can.

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  1. It will be interesting to see the combination of these two styles into a documentary.