Saturday, June 13: Go Karting Shoot #1

So yesterday me and Roman drove out to the wonderful city of Hamilton to film Ralph taking part in some serious go karting action. I haven't had much experience with karting outside of a lap or two at the local -- now defunct -- prudhommes landing 'amusement park'. I quickly realized this style of racing was quite a few steps above what I had in mind. People actually had racing suits! Pretty awesome indeed.

So the day was overcast, which was nice considering how much trouble I recently had shooting in extreme sunlight. My Ikan monitor basically goes blank when blasted with direct sunlight. This time I had a little more control over the camera situation, although we were somewhat limited in regards to where we could actually film from. You know, safety reasons and what not. Either way, I got some awesome footage of Ralph doing some laps against some formidable opponents. Below are a couple of screen grabs from the footage I've currently dropped into my timeline. Check it out:

I'm pretty excited that there seems to be a heavy racing element working its way into the film. It's a culture that fits perfectly, both aesthetically and thematically, with everything. Should be really cool. It's also worth mentioning that we'll be returning to the track to shoot some 'on the car' footage. Ralph is planning to build us a small camera mount for the front and back of the car so we can get some on board P.O.V. shots to build an actual race sequence. I'll be using the minute Sanyo FH1 for this, as the HVX is both too heavy and too expensive. There will be an image difference, but I don't mind a quality drop for a 'stunt camera'. Should be interesting!

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  1. A racing element is always a welcome addition to any story. It's visually exciting and more often then not thematically apt.