Inspired by: American Movie

'Inspired By' is a regular post about the many films, filmmakers, books and tv shows that have directly -- or indirectly -- inspired Beauty Day.

So one thing I'd like to try and do regularly on this blog is highlight films, tv shows, books or music that have inspired (or are currently inspiring) Beauty Day in some form or another. It could be in regards to similar thematic elements, technical aspects, aesthetics or even just overall tone. Today I'll start with one of the more obvious selections; . Here's the trailer:

If I could capture even 1/100th of the humour, sincerity and passion expressed in this film, I would be quite proud and very happy. There are a few elements of American Movie that have informed Beauty Day; the meditation on the importance of personal and artistic expression, the blue collar work ethics and the plight of the struggling artist. The film presents a solid story that's both consistently hilarious and inspiring with memorable characters that are likable, yet complex. Something I'd love to be able to achieve with Beauty Day.

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  1. Hearing this makes me so excited to see Beauty Day, American Movie is one of my favorites, and I love movies like that about the creative spirit.